Video and Podcast: Interview with Dr. Jennifer Willet, Bio Artist

After a lecture and workshop on BioArt at Centre 3’s Function Keys Conference, Dr. Willet discusses with host Christopher Healey a bit about the history and future of this misunderstood and emerging art practice.

Near the end of the interview, I thought I was asking a clever question but Dr. Willet threw me for a loop with her answer about the evolving relationship between Bio Art and Media. I am already doing some work into this area and will post my work from this bioart workshop and some other new work soon.

Dr. Willet and her student / assistant Kacie Auffret are featured in the first of some photos I added to the movie. This interview is also available as my first foray into podcasting.

Dr. Willet is the director of Incubator: Hybrid Laboratory at the Intersection of Art, Ecology and Sciencei at the University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Podcast Version

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