[Podcast / Photos] Interview with artist Brian Kelly in #hamont

With a sympathy for proximity, artist Brian Kelly talks process and considerations for his sculpture exhibit “Not as big as I remembered it.” in Hamilton, Ontario. This was a good talk – thanks Brian.

11 minutes. (Podcast)

For me, this was the first try in capturing audio, pictures and uploading straight to YouTube – and I think it would of worked except for a technical step I missed earlier. It will work for the next attempt I am sure, and then I will be truly 100% production via mobile.

Another lesson I learned is to take more pictures – lots and lots of pictures – as I took too few this time, I think.

Show ends Dec 4th (2012)

330 James Street North


  1. Hana · November 22, 2012

    And I thought, that no one makes art like yours anymore! I can definitely relate aesthetically and process-wise to your work @ Bryce’s gallery. Thank you for sharing, wish I can experience it in ‘real’ space. Beautiful!

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