[Podcast #4 / Video] 2009 Interview: Artist Michael Myers 1939-2010

This interview is from 2009 during a studio complex open house in Toronto, Canada.

Podcast is here and the original video is below.

I have been informed that Mr. Myers passed away in 2010 by someone who found it on my YouTube channel:

“Can you comment further on the 2009 ArtScape open studio event in which you interviewed UK artist Michael Myers? Any establishing shots or any of Myers? He died in 2010, and you may have some of the last video of him and/or his work. In the snooker world, his art became pretty well known.”

He was a very gracious and engaging man when I very briefly met him through a studio tour visit and conducted this quick, informal interview. It was one of my first and I have since done many more because meeting artists and discovering work like Myers is very rewarding. I am glad I had the chance to contribute some documentation about this artist.

These links were sent to me about Myers:



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