Professional wresting photo series – more instagram candy

It seemed fitting to attend a wrestling event since I’ve been fighting against the forces of bureaucracy and poverty lately. This was “Wrestling for Noah:  a charity event raising money for a eight year old boy with stage four cancer.” and was as good a cause as it was fun. Everyone had a great time, and there was a lot of humour in the names and theatrics – and the acrobatic skill and hard work in this production for a room full of people was beyond question. Plus having been a wrestler and gone through stage 4 cancer myself, many years ago, I felt compelled to stop by 205 Cannon, an increasingly important location in Hamilton’s cultural landscape.

Since this was taking place in an arts and production facility with limited room, there was a big bonus of having a genuine green screen as a back drop on two sides of the ring. This screamed for photos of the interesting tableaus the athletes struck as they played out timeless narratives. My iphone 4s camera has it’s limitations, but I enjoyed using this tool as best I could to create a fun series and play with the dynamics of compositions with “live models”. I was also very lucky to be able to get so close to the stage.

I should of been home working, but I’m glad I wasn’t.


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