[Podcast #7 / Video] Interview with artist Pat Apt

While I was staying in a village called Ajijic, in the mountains of central west Mexico, I talked to an artist whose free spirit led to a commitment to living and working in this artist community for the last 21 years.

Painter and printmaker Pat Apt just moved into new studio space digs in the downtown of this cobble stoned town with it’s narrow streets and a bustling international foot traffic. With a wide open garage door, Pat risks people like me wandering in and asking her a million questions. But she’s a shrewd and insightful person and knows that location, location, location is everything – whether for your studio / gallery or hoping into a car one day and deciding to go get lost in Mexico. Pat is an eminent figure in this community of artists and I suspect her new studio, with the addition of the soon-to-arrive intaglio printing press, will be a thriving and central art hub for years to come.

I wanted to hear some of Pat’s story about an artist deciding to pick up and move one day and what factors lead into her decision to settle in a mountain village called Ajijic. The answer may surprise you.

I took some photos of Pat and her studio, but also of some of the other artist’s work in her studio at that time. I’m sorry I don’t have those names to credit those works but hopefully will soon. I added in other photos of the region as well, in part to provide some context to the landscape paintings. Included are shots of Guadalajara, Chapala, Chapala Lake, San Juan Cosala, Colima Volcano,  Colima and Cuatulyan on the coast as well as scenery from in between these places. (I know I need to take more photos for the movie version of my podcasts, but I discovered my iphone won’t upload files that large to youtube – a snag in my quest for 100% production mobility.)

[Podcast] Interview with Artist Pat Apt

Pat Apt’s artist website is patapt.artspan.com

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