[photos] Painter Kathy Seaboyer’s studio & home in Ajijic, Mexico

Kathy is an artist hailing from Lunenburg, Nova Scotia and now lives in the middle of an Mexican farm field near the shore of Lake Chapala.

Kathy could be another case in point for making an argument of a talent drain from Canada, and her life here gives one ideas and schemes. A comfortable, sunny living and studio space that is sorta typical here and rents can be very affordable (The crop fields are a bonus for this particular location). I loved the chickens in the space, and the stained glass doors too. Also, the dogs.

I met Kathy at Pat Apt’s studio and we quickly figured out my family and her live very close by and in fact we had mutual “friends” – her dogs. Dogs, both street and domestic, are everywhere here in this village and one tends to get to know the area pooches who greet you as you walk by. Many domestic dogs are strays taken in by people, and can be fierce and loyal pets – Kathy’s are a mix of both and I was received well by them but they kept a close eye on me. Especially around the chickens.


bones cathy 013 bones cathy 026 bones cathy 025 bones cathy 024 bones cathy 023 bones cathy 022 bones cathy 021 bones cathy 020 bones cathy 019 bones cathy 018 bones cathy 017 bones cathy 016 bones cathy 015

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