Industrious painting of an industrial city

Thanks to my studio assistant with the robust, young shoulders I finally assembled and hung the long suffering portrait of Hamilton. This work, consisting of 80 separate little canvases stapled together, is preciously why I am an artist and not an engineer. As of the time of this post, it’s actually holding up quite well though stretching a bit – but I like being able to see staples bridging some gaps in the city-scape.

This work is the last of the 2011 urban survey series. Thanks for the help James.

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20130318-214035.jpg 20130318-214022.jpg 20130318-214012.jpg 20130318-213951.jpg 20130318-213936.jpg 20130318-213927.jpg 20130318-213918.jpg 20130318-213856.jpg 20130318-213843.jpg 20130318-213824.jpg 20130318-213809.jpg 20130318-213755.jpg 20130318-213745.jpg 20130318-213722.jpg 20130318-213708.jpg 20130318-213646.jpg

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