Only audio-visual for one year: a twitter experiment

I was feeling like my personal twitter account, @muskoxen, was losing focus. I was meandering in bit in timing and content and losing interest fast – and losing followers as well, though quality is better than quantity for an earnest and meaningful dialogue.  I have lots to say but was tiring of text, as that seems to much of a … box, somehow. I needed to get fresh with what I’m posting, more challenging in a way and also more experimental for twitter users.

Something I’ve been thinking about for a while was switch entirely to photos on social media for a year and see what happens. This seemed like a perfect time, though I’ve limited the experiment to this one twitter account and changed the parameters to be pictures, movies and/or audio. Also, links, retweets and especially hashtags are ok, otherwise it kinda looks like spammers have hacked my account before anyone would even look at a picture attachment.

I’m a flanuer and I like immediate dialogue so this feels like it’s working well with my neighbourhood photos and local based community on twitter. My photos of Hamilton, without a lot editorial, for a year will hopefully have an effect on building awareness of what’s going on in central Hamilton, and in my studio.

After all, the web is heading to be primarily a video based medium – this is just ahead of the curve… ha. But it is an ongoing interest for me to contain the entire capture, production and publication process of the work cycle to a mobile device.

Below are some of the photos i’ve posted to twitter since March 30th, 2013. The project runs until March 30th, 2014.

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