I hate art: a test story & post via Storify

I hate art

An art critic’s critical look at critics of art criticizing art.

**UPDATE** Seems Storify is kinda clunky when it posts to WordPress When I self host my this blog (soon) then I may have more control over that by being able to embed the iframe they supply.

I really like the idea of covering events remotely on my blog this way, and being able to pull my content published from across the web and curated .

  1. So this is my first time using Storify – I really like it! The idea to collect some social media based on hating art is off-the-cuff, so we’ll see how it goes.
  2. Why People Hate Art: Brad and Kyle at SoOnCon 2011
  3. These two patiently tug and nip at the carcass of art in the barrens of the art world – at an art school. I think they actually love art (and art students) but the below poster is a different story…
    • To be fair, this poster never says they hate art – just art schools. They really, really hate art schools.
  4. Bad joke and bad art at Beth’s cafe pic.twitter.com/NpFWOU8R8L
    • Don’t sell yourself short – that’s a pretty good drawing. It might actually help the national GDP. See below:
  5. Behavioural economics: The utility of bad art | The Economist econ.st/11LD9dd
  6. Are speculators of bad art ruining the art world for the rest of us?
  7. There’s a lot of bad art out there, kids. Terrible, unspeakably horrific art. For the love of God, be careful.
  8. To be fair, Dana is more of afraid of some art in this tweet than actually hating art. The tweeter below has total sanctions going on any art trek:
  9. Have you visited any art galleries or museums recently? — No I hate going to them ask.fm/a/5p6i6g7o
  10. An honest answer. Most artists hate it too. This is still not someone proclaiming to hate art. Would he love or hate going to the gallery mentioned below?
  11. Did you know? There’s a MOBA (Museum of Bad Art) ow.ly/2zaO7D
  12. They’ve been around for awhile – not quite the same as hating art. Check out the video below for more about MOBA
  13. Bad art is funny, life is a comedy – Eduardo Jáuregui
  14. Hallelujah! Someone finally proclaims to hate art! And they swear to it too.
  15. Is it okay to hate art? pic.twitter.com/4GaqOKnSP6
  16. I think it’s ok. I like it though. But do you respect it like the guy below?
  17. Napoleon’s art downtown don’t like it but well done pic.twitter.com/zoHSMlavpX
  18. Dude, that’s harsh. Just kidding – but I do like it too.
  19. Well that’s it for now. I’ll be back with more. Thanks for bearing with me through the first trial run. ~ Chris

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