Is social media the middle class?

It occurred to me that those who are very poor and those who are very rich do not use social media. The former for lack of access and the latter for lack of use.

Wealth that is generated by the middle class and thus dependent on the middle class is represented i.e. a large retail or media corporation. Political interests as well, but the truly powerful have no reason to engage risking their reputation by being noticed at all. It’s a far safer strategy to be off the radar.

The marginalized and those toiling in poverty are represented, but arguably by industries that depend on the cycle of poverty such as non-profits, activists and charities. If you have access to the internet via a signal and device, and engage on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest then chances are you are (relatively) not representational of the plight of the truly disadvantaged – especially globally.

Social media is more and more of a shopping mall – and the super wealthy don’t shop where you shop and persons living on the street aren’t allowed in.  In the meantime, we are hearing more and more about reputation management and the need for a respectable online footprint if you want good career opportunities, or even to not be fired for indecent behaviour or comments in public. These are concerns of the aspiring middle class.

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