The dark potential of creatives

I’ve been thinking about something I’ve heard a few times  – an artist is predisposed to becoming a dictator.

Yes. I think I’ve seen this and I think I would become a dictator if I could too. Most certainly an abusive prison guard. Take a bribe from a menacing gangster. I think you would too and by the same stuff that made you and I what we are today.

I just think artists can visualize it more readily.

I would also think that :

  • Musicians have the potential to become mad scientists.
  • Curators would murder democracy if they could.
  • Writers would impose more democracy just to fuck shit up.
  • Designers are budding mafioso who want their cut forever.
  • Photographers would end up getting us all turned into pillars of salt.
  • Film makers would welcome new alien overlords to Earth without hesitation.
  • Actors pee on the monuments you and I would build and steal our lovers. They have already achieved their potential and should be given no more responsibility.
  • Creatives in general yearn to colonize marginal communities that have not yet heard of Richard Florida.


  1. Maureen Paxton · December 5, 2013

    Rites of Spring: The Great War and the Birth of the Modern Age Have you read this book, Chris? I know you’ve offered something tongue-in-cheek but Modris Eksteins, the writer, explores it (artist as potential dictator) quite seriously. Worth reading, especially if one is an artist.

    • artlistpro · December 5, 2013

      Thanks Maureen! I was hoping someone would tell me the source of this exploration. And yes, it is only somewhat tongue in cheek…

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