Lost in a Virtual Mouse Maze

Video of a project I collaborated on with Kyle Chihosky & Ryan Stern for our first term new media studio class led by Dr. David Harris Smith (of hitchbot fame).

This was done on the MacGRID, which uses an open source version of the Second Life Platform. It was fun and interesting to work with a virtual world, but also somewhat glitchy. For example, we could not get video to stream properly through objects. Also, at one point I had a fleet of large white stapler clouds floating in one area and this caused the entire platform to crash. Eeessh – sorry everyone. (It looked really cool though!)

Still, I would love to keep working on art installations in there. It’s like a giant sandbox of the imagination.

This project was very rewarding for me conceptually and academically. It introduced me to some of the concepts in Negri and Hardt’s  book “Empire”, and got me thinking of the instances of what a maze is to our lives right now. It has definitely influenced my street photography and other artistic projects.

Hope you like it – Kyle did a great job putting this demo video together. I’ll be releasing more projects from my grad school experience over the next while.

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