B&W Photo walk through Hamilton’s Supercrawl 2014 Festival

I walked from my area, Barton Village, to the location of this festival on James Street North then back via King Street. I believe the context of what the area immediately east looks like is striking in its contrast.

I am interested right now in practising street style studying crowds, figures and faces with my new found world of a “real camera” – I am using a Sony Nex-6, and used to use my iPhone 4s as my main tool. I mostly held it at stomach level so I could down at the flipped out view display and take pictures from that less imposing angle. It’s a height I have not been at for a few decades.

As the evening wound on I had a couple of insights. One, when one walks through the crowd sometimes it parts momentarily because you and another person are walking towards each other on the same axis. This connection, which we all experience many times in a crowded place, seems promising as a compositional dynamic in which to frame a street portrait. The second insight was that people leaning and resting on the sides were interesting, formally, to me as they seemed to be already in a natural pose. Usually intent on activity such as eating, smoking, looking at a mobile device or just looking. It made for a thoughtful expression.

Anyways, I am sure there is really interesting stuff there this year but I’ve been out of the loop in this city during my studies. I don’t want to miss the chance to work with crowds so I’ll be back tonight. Fun exercise and I hope to it leads to new series of studio work.

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