The accidental week in Sayulita – in photos.

We went to the coast for three days. Jen’s brother-in-law was caught in an avalanche back in Canada so we wanted to spend some time here before she left to help her family. We camped along the beach along with other travellers, many of whom were surfers from all around the world.

We woke up in our little tent on the third day with Norwalk Virus like sickness. I leaned out of my tent and threw up. Jen could barely walk through the heat to the shared bathrooms. Apparently everyone staying here at the campground for any extended time caught the same sickness.

That’s when we discovered a community among the tide of campers. Supplies were fetched for us, advice given, well wishes conveyed and we were able to move to a cool room with a private bathroom. This mix of characters and natural beauty against the endurance of sickness in the tropics helped cement this experience in our memories. I took most of this photo series on the last day of our stay when we started to feel strong enough for the six hour drive back into the mountains. If we did not get sick, I would not have taken these photos nor would we have met so many interesting people and new friends.

We could feel the pull of this place. We could imagine staying for months in a simple tent on the beach and watching the surfers and birds. Many do this.

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