Ladies in Canada’s Yukon put on a better wrestling show than you.

Photo Essay |
Dawson City League of Lady Wrestlers: Grudge Match in Guggieville

Over 200 people attended Dawson City’s third annual League of Lady Wrestlers event on Saturday, August 1st. Billed as a “Grudge Match in Guggieville”, contestants squared off in a riotously fun atmosphere over the course of six scheduled matches.

Throughout the evening, many surprise match ups broke out and this reporter found great difficulty in keeping score of winners and losers. During the half time musical show, the lead singer and the bassist of the band Gliterus ultimately took umbrage with each other and wound up in the wrestling ring.

Later in the night, a wrestling hobbit by the name of Bobo Baggins was unmasked as last year’s villainous “Yuk of the Yukon” in disguise and was forced to reckon with the indignation, and broom, of the event’s custodian Janet Orial. Even the award ceremony at the end of the night degenerated into a battle royale as all the players attempted to claim the much coveted trophies for themselves.

Though smartly dressed, the Referee seemed unable and even unwilling to keep the fights clean and with the correct number of scheduled contestants. Some stability was provided by announcer and 19th century dandy Johnny Fairbanks, who thankfully was able to explain many of the plot twists and turns during the utter pandemonium.

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