The Grand Journey Here screening at Hamilton Film Festival

Staircase Theatre, 27 Dundurn St. N


I am very happy about this. The conceptual structure of this work is also site-specific, and to be realized depended on being screened at both the departure and arrival points—Dawson City, Yukon and Hamilton, Ontario.

Fortuitously both screenings ‘book-end’ the festival run for this work, strengthening the conceptual structure of a journey from one place to the next while at the same time questioning whether we are really leaving or ever arriving on our personal journeys through new landscapes. I look forward to explaining more about the work after November, but I will say it should be viewed as a different narrative in Hamilton than it was in Dawson City.

It is defiantly a product of my graduate studies and the philosophies and theory I discovered during that program, mixed with the artistic and activist angst I experienced living in the unfashionable sacrifice zone of Hamilton. More work about this is forthcoming.

Here’s some of the info I’ve included with the film:

A short film about a big move to Canada’s Yukon. Based on a true conversation in a Klondike tavern.

Director’s Statement
An autobiographical narrative that explores the emotional and philosophical texture of inner landscape and location, this experimental documentary is a collage of time lapses, animation and stream of consciousness poetry.

This short film took 100’s of hours, several thousand miles and over two years to complete.

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