Self-Portrait as a Simulacrum

I’ve been enjoying working in virtual reality this past school term, and that has led to messing around with 3D modelling apps on my mobile phone.  As I keep figuring out about myself, I really enjoy working with the possibilities and limitations of a mobile device – including the artefacts and degradation of importing the real world into the digital world.

I’ve also enjoyed my philosophy class, wherein I’ve learned about thinkers such as Jean Baudrillard – though exploration of his ideas does not necessarily mean I agree with them, but there is something to them when we think about why people think they way they think.

IMG_7848 IMG_7849 IMG_7850

I would love to do an interactive full body work like this. So much fun.

Here’s some bonus screen shots of a sad stapler – my first attempt.

IMG_7823 IMG_7824 IMG_7825

The political pin drops – more fun with 3D Apple Maps

So I noticed when entering a country in Apple Maps, a pins drops to a precise location within that state and does not move as you zoom into it. I can only assume this is the approximate centre of any particular nation. I started with zooming around the ice shield of Greenland and when I got in close to look at the dropped pin, Apple Maps did it’s artist thing and created a very spike-filled terrian cradling the perky label “Greenland” (and hopefully offering directions by car to this particular spot). So by defacto, Apple is showing us the heart, the core of every region we search for and sometimes it is literal and other times a fictional depiction.

I thought it was kinda neat how each landscape is unique, and most did not have any buildings represented. England does (it’s hiding behind the pin in my screenshot) and Spain has some very curious shapes in the farm field to the right. I honestly don’t know what that is.

The richer nations tended to have farmland depicted in this spot, and with higher resolution – the noticeable exception being Canada, which shows a very low-resolution lake filled splotchy terrain. Many of the poorer states and countries at political odds with western powers have lo-res, undeveloped and muted imagery. A remarkable variance in what looks like an early turn-based fantasy adventure video game level.

My hankering with these screenshots is to eventually monoprint a collage but some sort of acetone transfer on paper.

Screenshots below – including a first crack at a collage but not completely happy with it so far..

Hamilton Pizza

Fun making art with Apple 0S 6 Maps

There have been grumblings about Apple’s new map app that replaces Google Maps on the latest iphone update. I personally welcome any refreshing change to the banality of reality. Things not working exactly perfectly now is really a metaphor for hope of civilization – where else but in the rended void of our mistakes do we learn? But enough of this “hey there’s a wave in this 3D view of something flat” rationalization. It’s time to make some art!

On Apple Maps, I visited the industrial sectors of Hamilton, Ontario and applied the 3D view – I wanted to work with abstracted compositions captured from topographies not immediately familiar to our everyday lives. The industrial sector here is well gaurded, fenced and generally blocked from view so I wanted a chance to zoom in with a fresh satellite view. Below are some of the individual screenshots I took and at the end the new collage work I made from this. I call it “Hamilton Pizza”.

Oh, I snuck a bit of golf  course and airport in there too… it’s like I’m lurking a Captain of Industry lifestyle.

Hamilton Pizza