Cut loose in your neighbourhood and set a Drift app on your iphone

Recently downloaded and installed the new Drift app from the artist group (and Sobey Award long-listers) Broken City Lab. Described as “a tool for getting lost in familiar places” the app simply gives you a random set of instructions for exploring your immediate surroundings, as well as what to document and upload to the collective project database. For example “walk north for two blocks, find a sign of hope and take a picture of it” – which, for a poor neighbourhood like mine, can produce quite a poignant result.

Anyways, each set of instructions is called a “drift” and I must admit it was a lot of fun and a very insighful process to follow. My partner and I set out, with the dog in tow, to complete an entire set of instructions and re-discover our hood. We actually ended up walking down streets we had never been on, though at one point a literal following of the instructions would have resulted in us walking up and down the same stretch several times.

Below is our Drift, in pictures and with the instructions we were following.