Spark in the Dark premiers Friday April 14th at Dawson City Short Film Festival 2017

My son James and I are excited to launch our film A Spark in the Dark: Tinder Users in the North next week at DCISFF in Dawson City, Yukon. This short doc explores love & technology in the small and isolated town of Dawson City during the sub-arctic winter, revealing touching and humorous insights about life in the far north.

We are also very excited to realize that this is the very first documentary about social media use in the Yukon. The north does indeed provide historic opportunities.

If you can make it most of the crew and participants will be in attendance. We’ll have more screenings info soon.


Another goofball art review video, part 1

Footage and commentary from the August 26th edition of Toronto’s Art Spin gallery bicycle tour. This is part one of two, as 20 minutes straight is probably too much to watch all at once, so the next installment will come out next week. I’ll keep careful track of how the vistor trends for staggering the release of the video – especially interesting as the next Art Spin is later this month.

In this video we visit the Edward Day Gallery, n/a space, a C1 art project and AWOL Galleries’ Square Foot Exhibit.

Over 200 people showed up for this one, as compared to the one last year where there was about 30 participants. I’m a little more critical of this, naturally since it is becoming a lot more popular – they need to split it into two or more groups who meet at the end. Being part of a large group was almost unmanageable at times and you’ll see that reflected in the video. As well, most of the time at each stop is spent on parking your bike, not hearing anything the artists or gallery staff are saying and then herding back out … slowly.

However, on the bright side, it is always terrifically interesting stops and art we are seeing, and meeting fellow participants is a lot of fun. I am constantly discovering new spaces and venues with this tour as well as some back-alley bike routes that have awesome street art tucked in them. Plus, it’s free so all in all it is a wonderful event and there are worse problems for organizers to deal with than becoming popular.