Reject being called an artist – when making art, be a somebody

Being defined as an artist is really an exercise of enduring others’ expectations of what that word means.

If you imagine yourself as an artist, you see flashes on imagery of people, walls, works and words about you – your path is distorted already by these illusions. Your fantasies are wrapped up in this word, but those fantasies are not really about you are they? Maybe you feel pressure to desire what others assume you want.

“An artist created this” brings a suspicious assumption to what “this” is, and even whether this is an artist or not.

“Chris made a painting” is undeniable, powerful and makes one damn curious to see what it is.

If you identify yourself as your name and reject the label of being (or not being) and artist, you have removed a huge roadblock on your path to meaningful work and self-articulation. You are you – create what you want when you want and don’t worry about being an artist. That is for others to decide, and why would you ever want to tackle an irresolvable problem when others are willing to wrestle with it?

Don’t want to stop self-identifying your self as an artist? You should probably take a long, hard look at what you are actually trying to do and why. A real artist would.