still life with cow skull

Sneak peek of #Hamont exhibit @ The Inc, June 13 – July 6 w/ Cow Skull

still life with cow skull

I have an upcoming exhibit, sharing a space with my Mom, Beverly Healey, at Hamilton Artists Inc. The opening reception is Thursday June 13th from 7-9pm-ish. Art Crawl is June 14th.

It’s called “Mexico ii” and features work done from my parent’s residence in the town of Ajijic, Mexico – just south of Guadalajara. My Mom is a painter and a very different artist than myself so it will be an interesting show of contrasts and similarities. Of course, her being an artist has been central to my development and its a dream come true to have a show together like this. I know she’s looking forward to it as well. 

I’ll post more work and info next week. As usual, these works I am posting here now probably won’t be in the final exhibit but are part of the same series.



I’m giving away prints at supercrawl 2012

Here’s a sneak peek at the 2 editions of 25. These are part of my generative optical series of group functions in public spaces. These two are “anon protest 1” and “anon protest 2”, and feature a march as landscape and the police presence as another landscape. Confused yet?

There is precious little information on the back to identify me as the artist, but the title, date is there and I hand initialed and numbered them. I’ll be leaving them in various places along James Street N through out Friday and Saturday, hopefully without anyone seeing – you know, the anonymous reference in the title – and I truly don’t expect many if any to survive beyond a quick glance and then thrown out. But maybe, just maybe, someone will find one and search for info on the net and find this post … Please let me know if that is you. Bonus: finding one of each edition for a complete diptych.


P.s – yes, part of the text on the back is censored. I won’t explain any further but to say it acts as another layer adding statistical improbability to decoding this work entirely. Also looks kinda cool.