Artist Superpower: Shipping & Receiving

Don’t you think this is the most important skill that is not a skill? I do.

Sometimes I wonder if there is a correlation between being a “good shipper” and artistic success. Obviously, this is true for online art sales. My point is you probably are held back if you can’t pack it or rack it efficiently.

Don’t look at me. I suck at that and, frankly, am intimidated by the whole process.  When I actually get around to packing something its never that bad. But its definitely not great either.

I  have some artist friends who are fanatical about packing. They’ll build a crate for a week. They are such nice crates one keeps the crate forever. Me, I just started to use paper and work with digital prints more.

Even just the act of postcards or stuffing envelopes and actually going to the post office is simply not to be underestimated.  International? You are at the mercy of a series of several shipping challenges which are so little appreciated and understood by me that they are impossible to describe here.

Speaking for myself, I think having a personal delivery drone would help. Then I could tell it to deliver hand written exhibition invitations so I would not have to ship work.

A cool idea might be to turn a drone into an actual gallery. It  flies around at art festivals holding a work, for example.  I would have to pack it in carefully constructed crates in order to send it to galleries and festivals around the world. Ah, forget it.

I wish I was better at shipping and receiving.

the truth about art – it’s a fucking pain in the ass to go to an exhibit

You know it’s true.

It’s like shopping in a mall, walking and standing on hard floors looking at things while people and security look at you. Somewhat taxing as you are in a space that is supposed to look like you are looking and not know you are being looked at by salespeople, security and the occasional admirer.

Same pressure I think as standing in a gallery space where it’s only purpose is for you to look like you are looking at something. The attendant always knows if you get it the art or not, even if they aren’t looking at you. They know.

Getting to even few shows can involve significant travelling logistics. It’s a fierce lifestyle to visit a gallery even once a week.

Problem is much good art does not function outside of this kind of white cube space, and the kind of people and organizations that exhibit this kind of work will take the space where they can get it.

Problem is looking at pictures from home just does not cut either after a while. I’ll have to blitz the galleries next weekend.

What a pain in the ass but as with many things, often we don’t feel like to doing it but end up loving it.