The (1st!) Keno City Film Festival

It’s been a little while since I’ve updated this blog. If you want the latest, I update my Twitter account regularly.

I’ve gone ahead and created a new Film Festival in the small Yukon community of Keno City. This started as me just screening my film “The 2017 Keno City Music Festival” for the town to see, but I realized it was a good opportunity for a program of Keno-related films. This included another experimental film about Keno I had seen that was (unfairly IMO) not screened at the two conventional, established Film Festivals in the territory here. After three years in this arts outpost, much of the curatorial decisions up here still don’t make much sense to me.

The program is about an hour with at least five films screening I say “at least” because there might be a surprise or two. That’s the flexibility I like about a small, independent festival. This is of course part of the Keno City Music Festival which started in the same way of “let’s just do it!”.

The website for the Festival is and the screening takes place on the 2nd of August at 7pm. It will be fun to expand on the KCFF next year!


(awesome Logo designed by Cud Eastbound)

2 new movies = 5 minutes of film

My son and I have each made a movie for the Yukon 48 Hour Film Challenge Festival this weekend.

Each project is only allowed to be a maximum of 2.5 minutes, and has to be entirely filmed and edited in two days. It was a lot of fun. I really enjoy these type of constraints as they force to you to focus on the work and not worry too much about everything else in the world you could possibly do.

We did something a bit different this time though. As my son and his friend Ben made their film (in which I am an actor) I shot my film as a documentary of the making of their movie. However, there is a twist.

The festival takes place on Saturday November 12th in Dawson City and Whitehorse.


the grand journey here

The world premiere of my first film will be screening at the Dawson City International Short Film Festival, March 24-27 2016.  

 An autobiographical narrative that explores the emotional and philosophical texture of landscape and location, this experimental documentary is a collage of time lapses, animation and stream of conscious poetry.

Three works coming up in Dawson City’s (s)hiver


Dawson City is a thriving creative community. Writers, artists and performers abound here so it makes sense this hardy and eccentric community is equal to the task in creating a mid-winter contemporary art festival. (s)hiver is now in it’s second year and addresses the long dark of winter nights here through outdoor installations and various performances and exhibitions throughout the city. It’s already garnered international attention.

I’ll be participating with three distinct projects: a 2d work installed out in the middle of the frozen Yukon River, a roving performance and projection (wearable technology) throughout Dawson and a permanent series of text-based augmented reality installations.

If you happen to be in Canada’s far north-west that night, stop by and say hi. (I know that sounds ridiculous)